Złoty Potok Resort
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  • It’s possible to cancel the booking using the e-mail address or phone numbers stated above.
  • If the booking is cancelled not later than 30 days before the stay starts Zloty Potok Resort gives all the transferred money back (only if the cancellation was made in writing- via an e-mail or a registered letter).
  • In all the other cases (including shortening or discontinuing a stay) the transferred money will not be returned. In some individual cases, provided that a motion is put forward in writing, Zloty Potok Resort can pay a part or the whole amount back to a guest.
  • If a guest didn’t inform the Reception about a delay in arriving to Zloty Potok Resort, the booking is cancelled automatically the next day at 7 a.m.
  • In case of the booking cancellation, the money which is (according to this document) paid back will be transferred to the bank account stated by the guest not later than 7 days from the cancellation.
Złoty Potok Resort